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The Entry List will be updated monthly from August 2018 until the final list is published 1 week before the Event.

NameRace EnteredClub Name
Aden BellBoxted 10kHadleigh Hares AC
Al GreenBoxted 10k
Alex Prager-BaileyBoxted 10k
Alfie BaileyBoxted 2k fun run
Ali HopkinsBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Alice SmithBoxted 10k
Alison HitchcockBoxted 10k
Amelie Prager-BaileyBoxted 2k fun run
Andrew SilvertonBoxted 10k
Angela MannBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
Anthony HopkinsBoxted 2k fun run
Arthur WhistonBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
Ashika LawrenceBoxted 5k
Ashley PotterBoxted 10k
Ben BrownBoxted 5k
Bethany CurwenBoxted 2k fun run
Brandon PangBoxted 5k
Caiden CottonBoxted 2k fun run
Carlina BergerBoxted 10k
Catherine DaviesBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Cathryn FifieldBoxted 10k
Cathryn FifieldBoxted 10k
Charlene GowerBoxted 10k
Charlene HearnBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Charlie JessettBoxted 2k fun run
Charlie ReganBoxted 10kColchester & Tendring AC
Cheryl DamenBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Cheryl ThomasBoxted 5kIpswich Jaffa RC
Chris PerryBoxted 10k
Chris ReganBoxted 10kColchester & Tendring AC
Chris WatlingBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Colin TesterBoxted 10kSevenoaks AC
Colin WrightBoxted 2k fun run
Daniel SummersgillBoxted 10k
Daniel SuttonBoxted 10k
Darcey BrownBoxted 5k
Dexter WillsBoxted 2k fun run
Dolina O'NeillBoxted 2k fun run
Douglas O'NeillBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
Edgar HopkinsBoxted 2k fun run
Elissia BellBoxted 2k fun run
Emilie WixBoxted 10kWoodbridge Shufflers RC
Emily BaxterBoxted 10k
Emma BakerBoxted 10k
Emma SuttonBoxted 10k
Eric ShawBoxted 5kGreat Bentley Running Club
Erin GravesBoxted 2k fun run
Finley GodwinBoxted 5k
Freddie SeagerBoxted 2k fun run
Gemma MayBoxted 5k
Georgie JemmesonBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
Georgina SeakensBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Glynn ThomasBoxted 10kIpswich Jaffa RC
Graham BushBoxted 10kWoodbridge Shufflers RC
Graham BushBoxted 10kWoodbridge Shufflers RC
Graham PeacockBoxted 10kEast London Runners
Graham WellsBoxted 2k fun run
Hamish BumphreyBoxted 2k fun run
Heidi WardleworthBoxted 5k
Helen HasteBoxted 10kIpswich Jaffa RC
Henry HopkinsBoxted 2k fun run
Henry WellsBoxted 2k fun run
Isla O'NeillBoxted 2k fun run
Jack seakensBoxted 2k fun run
Jack WallisBoxted 2k fun run
Jackie KirkBoxted 10kHadleigh Hares AC
Jacquie KingBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Jake BarfieldBoxted 5k
James AmosBoxted 10k
James DuranceBoxted 2k fun run
James WilsonBoxted 10k
Jamie BeadleBoxted 10k
Jamie SeakensBoxted 2k fun run
Jan BlakeBoxted 10k
Jason PangBoxted 2k fun run
Jason GunnBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
Jason WalneBoxted 10k
Jemima HopkinsBoxted 2k fun run
Jennifer KayeBoxted 10k
Jill ThatcherBoxted 10k
Jimmy SeckerBoxted 10kSudbury Joggers
Jodie Taylor-BroomBoxted 10k
Joe HughesBoxted 10k
Joe SuttonBoxted 10k
Johannes DamenBoxted 2k fun run
Jordan WoodgateBoxted 2k fun run
Joseph GravesBoxted 5k
Joshua GodwinBoxted 2k fun run
Juliet BallsBoxted 10k
Justin HayhoeBoxted 10k
Kate GodwinBoxted 2k fun run
Kate PowellBoxted 10kLittle Baddow Ridge Runners
Kate WillsBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Katherine TuthillBoxted 5k
Kathryn DransfieldBoxted 10k
Kay SuttonBoxted 5k
Keith MarleyBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
Kellie DoveBoxted 10k
Kelly HayhoeBoxted 10k
Kelly WarehamBoxted 10kSpringfield Striders RC
Kerry RogerBoxted 2k fun run
Kerry RogerBoxted 2k fun run
Kim MasonBoxted 5k
Kim MooreBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
Laura AmosBoxted 5k
Laura Mansel-ThomasBoxted 10k
Laura SeagerBoxted 2k fun run
Laura WellsBoxted 5k
Leo RogerBoxted 2k fun run
Lily PangBoxted 2k fun run
Lisa BryantBoxted 10k
Lisa CurwenBoxted 2k fun run
Lou CoyBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Louise NorrisBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Lucinda WitneyBoxted 10k
Lynsey CookBoxted 5k
Mabel BumphreyBoxted 2k fun run
Marieke HookerBoxted 10k
mark baileyBoxted 10k
Mark DixonBoxted 10k
Mary HopeBoxted 10kStowmarket Striders RC
Matt WinwardBoxted 10k
Max Prager-BaileyBoxted 2k fun run
Maxey WillsBoxted 2k fun run
Maxine RodwellBoxted 10k
Natalie SharplesBoxted 10k
Nathaniel CookBoxted 5k
Nathaniel CurwenBoxted 2k fun run
Neil DennisBoxted 10kStowmarket Striders RC
Nicola CabaBoxted 10k
Olly HookerBoxted 5k
Oscar GodwinBoxted 2k fun run
Oscar SeagerBoxted 2k fun run
Paul SeagerBoxted 2k fun run
Penelope DuranceBoxted 2k fun run
Phil WallisBoxted 2k fun run
Rachel brookeBoxted 10kIpswich Jaffa RC
Rachel ClarkBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
Ray MartinBoxted 10kLonely Goat RC
Rebecca BrownBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
Richard BlakeBoxted 10k
Richard MelvinBoxted 2k fun run
Rob HadgraftBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
robert irvine marrBoxted 10k
Robin BelsomBoxted 10kIpswich Jaffa RC
Samantha CardenBoxted 10k
Samuel SeakensBoxted 2k fun run
Sanyu HankinsonBoxted 2k fun run
Sarah HearnBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Sarah gwalterBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Sarah SheltonBoxted 5k
Scott BennettBoxted 10k
Sofia WallisBoxted 2k fun run
Stacey BunnBoxted 10k
Steph MullisBoxted 5k
Steve CoveyBoxted 10k
Steve EssamBoxted 10k
Steve RogerBoxted 2k fun run
Summer WoodgateBoxted 2k fun run
Suzy SmithBoxted 10k
Tania BlanksBoxted 10k
Thomas GwalterBoxted 2k fun run
Tim GodwinBoxted 10k
Ton DamenBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Tracy AvenellBoxted 10kJogging Made Easy
Warren BaileyBoxted 2k fun run
Wayne RiceBoxted 10k
William BrandrethBoxted 2k fun run
William CurwenBoxted 2k fun run
Wing-mei UngBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
Xander DamenBoxted 2k fun run
Zak RogerBoxted 2k fun run
Zak RogerBoxted 2k fun run



















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