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The Entry List will be updated monthly from August 2019 until the final list is published 1 week before the Event.

FirstnameLastnameRace EnteredRunning Club
EdAbbottBoxted 10kWoodbridge Shufflers RC
IsaacAddingtonBoxted 2k fun run
NeilAddingtonBoxted 10k
GeorginaAllenBoxted 10k
StephenAmesBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
MarkAndrewsBoxted 10k
TracyAvenellBoxted 10kJogging Made Easy
CatherineBankBoxted 10k
SallyBanyardBoxted 10k
HelenBenhamBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
ScottBennettBoxted 10k
JanBlakeBoxted 10k
TaniaBlanksBoxted 10k
JohannesBothaBoxted 2k fun run
Alexander BothaBoxted 2k fun run
Wilhelm BothaBoxted 2k fun run
InezBothaBoxted 10k
ErnieBotleyBoxted 10k
IanBownBoxted 10kGoodGym Race Team
JulieBranchBoxted 10k
ClaireBransbyBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
ValentinaBurley Boxted 10kHarwich Runners
StephenBuxtonBoxted 10k
IanCannonsBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
AudreyCarsonBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
FionaCasleyBoxted 10k
Joseph AClarkBoxted 10k
JamesCollittBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
EmilyCollittBoxted 2k fun run
HenryCollittBoxted 2k fun run
Jessica CooksonBoxted 2k fun run
JoCookson Boxted 2k fun run
CaidenCottonBoxted 2k fun run
TrevorCoyneBoxted 10k
LoganDaleyBoxted 2k fun run
AndyDaleyBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Susie DavidsonBoxted 10k
CatherineDaviesBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
JessicaDaviesBoxted 2k fun run
PhoebeDavies Boxted 2k fun run
SimonDayBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
DonnaDe BritoBoxted 5k
JoshuaDe BritoBoxted 5k
HannahDixonBoxted 10kWitham RC
KellieDoveBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
RichardDriverBoxted 10k
RonnieEganBoxted 10k
SteveEssamBoxted 10k
AlisonEvansBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
ChrisExleyBoxted 5k
MichaelFosterBoxted 10kLonely Goat RC
SunilGalvinBoxted 10k
MarkGleenBoxted 10k
KerryGreenlandBoxted 10k
GemmaGreenlandBoxted 10k
Laura GreenlandBoxted 10k
AndreaGriffithsBoxted 10k
JasonGunnBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
PrestonHamblingBoxted 2k fun run
DarcyHamblingBoxted 2k fun run
BenHamblingBoxted 2k fun run
AmandaHamiltonBoxted 10k
HarryHamiltonBoxted 10k
DavidHamiltonBoxted 10k
EmmaHarrisBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
DebbieHarveyBoxted 10k
Helen HasteBoxted 10kIpswich Jaffa RC
ValHaynesBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
CharleneHearnBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
AnneHerbertBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
KaidenHipkinBoxted 2k fun run
TiaHipkinBoxted 2k fun run
MaryHopeBoxted 10kStowmarket Striders RC
BenedictHoreBoxted 2k fun run
JamesHoreBoxted 10k
JoeHughesBoxted 5k
JamesHuntBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
DanielleHurleyBoxted 10k
David HurleyBoxted 10k
ChristopherHurleyBoxted 10k
DianaJacksonBoxted 10k
BridieJamesBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
AlysonJenkinsBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
RobKellyBoxted 5k
KarenKingBoxted 10kRunning Colchester 
MichaelKitchingBoxted 10k
MelanieLearBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
RobertLeeBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
MichelleLewingtonBoxted 10kGoodGym Race Team
SueLongBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
JenniferLovelockBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
MurielLoveringBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
TarynnMacleodBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
Steve Manley Boxted 10kHarwich Runners
KeithMarleyBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
RayMartinBoxted 10kLonely Goat RC
CiaranMcGonagleBoxted 10k
EmilyMcGonagleBoxted 5k
BrionyMcSweeneyBoxted 10k
ClaireMedhurstBoxted 10k
ChristopherMizenBoxted 10k
IsaacMooreBoxted 5k
AnnabelMooreBoxted 5k
OscarMooreBoxted 5k
VickyMooreBoxted 10k
ChantalMoorhouse Boxted 2k fun run
HarveyMoorhouse SimmonsBoxted 2k fun run
AnnieMorganBoxted 10k
ShaunO'ConnorBoxted 10k
SaraO'Connor Boxted 5kRunning Colchester 
JasonPangBoxted 2k fun run
LilyPangBoxted 2k fun run
Brandon PangBoxted 5k
ianParrisBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
TomParsonsBoxted 10kSunday Runday Funday
AmeliePrager-BaileyBoxted 2k fun run
ChristinaPrettyBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
KimPrettyBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
Susanna Putnam Boxted 10k
ChrisReganBoxted 10kColchester & Tendring AC
WayneRiceBoxted 10k
TerryRoseBoxted 10k
AllanRumbleBoxted 10kLonely Goat RC
PhilSandersonBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
JoanneSargentBoxted 5kHadleigh Hares AC
Richard ShaveBoxted 10kRushmere community runners
SarahSheltonBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
ThomasSmithBoxted 2k fun run
BenjaminSmithBoxted 5k
TanyaStraightBoxted 10kLonely Goat RC
EliseSurteesBoxted 2k fun run
TessaSurteesBoxted 2k fun run
BenSurteesBoxted 2k fun run
JacSurteesBoxted 2k fun run
MatthewSuttenwoodBoxted 10k
SteveSuttonBoxted 10k
MaryannSycamoreBoxted 10kDC Social Runners
ColinTesterBoxted 10kSevenoaks AC
Jodi TalaThomasBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
RebeccaThompsonBoxted 2k fun run
IslaTrotmanBoxted 2k fun run
WilliamTusonBoxted 10kHalstead RRC
ShaunTyeBoxted 10k
Wing-MeiUngBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
JackWallisBoxted 2k fun run
SofiaWallisBoxted 2k fun run
JasonWalneBoxted 10k
DennisWarnerBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
SamuelWatsonBoxted 2k fun run
JoshWatsonBoxted 5k
ClaireWelfordBoxted 10kSunday Runday Funday
ArthurWhistonBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
DanWiddowsonBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
JeanWierBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
ChrisWilliams Boxted 10kBoxted Runners
JamesWilsonBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
Nicola Wiseman Boxted 10k
JonathanWithersBoxted 10k
OliverWithersBoxted 2k fun run
HollyWrightBoxted 2k fun run
HenryWrightBoxted 2k fun run
FinleyWrightBoxted 2k fun run
Andre Wright Boxted 10kStowmarket Striders RC



















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