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The Entry List will be updated monthly from January 2022 until the final list is published 1 week before the Event.

FirstnameLastnameRace/SeriesRunning Club
StevenAlderBoxted 10kWitham RC
MaxwellAlderBoxted 2k fun run
ClaireAllenBoxted 5k
MarkAndrewsBoxted 10k
SakethAnnapureddyBoxted 5k
satyanarayana ReddyAnnapureddyBoxted 10k
HollyArkleyBoxted 10k
ChrisArkleyBoxted 10k
AdamArmourBoxted 2k fun run
HayleyAshford-SmithBoxted 10k
JamesAttenboroughBoxted 10kWitham RC
TracyAvenellBoxted 10kJogging Made Easy
AlfieBaileyBoxted 2k fun run
FinleyballBoxted 2k fun run
ChrisBallBoxted 2k fun run
RichardBallardBoxted 5k
AmeliaBallardBoxted 2k fun run
SreekarBandaruBoxted 5k
jonBattramBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
Henrietta-MaeBawnBoxted 10k
JamesBedwellBoxted 10k
WendyBellBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
AnnaBentonBoxted 10k
LudovicBernardBoxted 10k
StephenBlandBoxted 10k
BrianBLOOMFIELDBoxted 10kSudbury Joggers
GerryBorleyBoxted 10kBraintree & District AC
ErnieBotleyBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
AdamBoxBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
ShaneBoxallBoxted 10kSouthend On Sea AC
HelenBoydBoxted 10k
MarkBramhallBoxted 10k
SimonBrennenBoxted 10k
KevinBrettBoxted 10k
ScottBrianBoxted 10kGreat Bentley Running Club
KirstenBroomhallBoxted 10k
StephenBullenBoxted 10k
ValentinaBurleyBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
EveCalderbankBoxted 2k fun run
MollyCalderbankBoxted 2k fun run
IanCannonsBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
TreenaCarderBoxted 10kHalstead RRC
DavidCareyBoxted 10kWitham RC
DavidCareyBoxted 10kWitham RC
FionaCarterBoxted 10k
DaveCashBoxted 10k
FionaCasleyBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
StephenChamberlainBoxted 10k
ChetanaChandanBoxted 10k
DanielChapmanBoxted 10k
praveenCherianBoxted 10k
MarkChippendaleBoxted 10k
CarrieChipperfieldBoxted 10k
PaulClarkBoxted 10k
ToniCliftonBoxted 2k fun run
RonnieCliftonBoxted 2k fun run
lindaColeBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
DarrenColeBoxted 10k
HenryCollittBoxted 2k fun run
EmilyCollittBoxted 2k fun run
SallyComberBoxted 5k
JessicaConwayBoxted 2k fun run
SeanConwayBoxted 2k fun run
TeddyConwayBoxted 2k fun run
EmilyConwayBoxted 10k
KatrinaCookeBoxted 5k
IanCookeBoxted 10k
SherriCookeBoxted 5k
DarrenCooksonBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
JessicaCooksonBoxted 2k fun run
JoanneCooksonBoxted 2k fun run
KirstyCooperBoxted 5k
LisaCorbyBoxted 10k
AliceCraggsBoxted 10k
MarthaCryerBoxted 2k fun run
WillCurwenBoxted 2k fun run
BethanyCurwenBoxted 2k fun run
NathanielCurwenBoxted 2k fun run
AndyDaleyBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
LoganDaleyBoxted 2k fun run
EdithDaleyBoxted 2k fun run
SébastienDaniellBoxted 5k
Clare LouiseDaviesBoxted 10k
HayleyDebenhamBoxted 10k
JoshDitmoreBoxted 10k
WilliamDotchinBoxted 2k fun run
BennEldridgeBoxted 10kJogging Made Easy
MatthewEnfieldBoxted 10k
SteveEssamBoxted 10k
CatherineFairhurstBoxted 10k
RoseFairhurstBoxted 2k fun run
MichelleFarnsworthBoxted 10k
TimothyFieldBoxted 10k
BeatrixFieldBoxted 2k fun run
RichardFordBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
DeborahGeeBoxted 10k
JiminGeorgeBoxted 10k
GemmaGethenBoxted 10k
DianaGibsonBoxted 10k
GerryGladdenBoxted 10k
MarkGleenBoxted 10k
OscarGodwinBoxted 2k fun run
OwenGoldsmithBoxted 10k
PaulGoldsmithBoxted 10k
ErinGravesBoxted 5k
JosephGravesBoxted 5k
RolandGravesBoxted 5k
AlexGreenBoxted 2k fun run
MitchellGreenBoxted 2k fun run
HarrisonGreenBoxted 2k fun run
AndreaGriffithsBoxted 10k
CarlGrinhamBoxted 10k
HannahGrinhamBoxted 10k
LukasGroenewaldBoxted 10k
AlexHadleyBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
ClaireHallBoxted 10k
GrainneHallahanBoxted 10kGreat Bentley Running Club
SanyuHankinsonBoxted 2k fun run
RafikiHankinsonBoxted 2k fun run
KarlHankinsonBoxted 2k fun run
ChristopherHardingBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
OscarHarmanBoxted 2k fun run
TobyHarmanBoxted 2k fun run
WilliamHarmanBoxted 2k fun run
MichaelHarmanBoxted 2k fun run
AlanharriesBoxted 10k
SharonHayfieldBoxted 10k
SamanthaHaywardBoxted 5k
AdamHemingwayBoxted 2k fun run
ShannonHemingwayBoxted 2k fun run
BelleHemingwayBoxted 2k fun run
SusanHenryBoxted 10k
melanieheyBoxted 10k
KaidenHipkinBoxted 2k fun run
BenHockettBoxted 2k fun run
LucasHockettBoxted 2k fun run
IanHollingsworth-blakeBoxted 10k
AndrewHollockBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
HannahHolroydBoxted 5k
AndrewHopperBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
MartinHowlettBoxted 10k
JoeHughesBoxted 5k
MadeleineIrvinBoxted 5k
JaneIrvinBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
JaneIrvinBoxted 2k fun run
HollyIrvinBoxted 2k fun run
LucaIstedBoxted 2k fun run
AndyIstedBoxted 2k fun run
AbigailJackamanBoxted 2k fun run
ChrisJacksonBoxted 10k
SamanthaJaquesBoxted 2k fun run
JacobJaques-PurserBoxted 2k fun run
JessicaJaques-PurserBoxted 2k fun run
PhilipJeffriesBoxted 10kHalstead RRC
SophieJessettBoxted 2k fun run
CharlieJessettBoxted 5k
KARENJohnsonBoxted 10k
HaleyJonesBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
JonathanJonesBoxted 10k
ClaireJonesBoxted 10k
SamuelJowersBoxted 10k
ShivaKatakshamBoxted 10k
DevonKeepBoxted 2k fun run
LisaKhineBoxted 2k fun run
ElodieKhineBoxted 2k fun run
TabithaKhineBoxted 2k fun run
JacquieKingBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
LaraKnightBoxted 10k
EmilyKnightsBoxted 10k
TimKnightsBoxted 10k
SarahLaitBoxted 5k
JoanneLambertBoxted 5k
JacobLangmeadBoxted 2k fun run
AymeeLangmeadBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
AndrewLargeBoxted 10k
RachelLaurenceBoxted 10k
NickLawireBoxted 10k
PhillipLay-FlurrieBoxted 2k fun run
BobbyLay-flurrieBoxted 2k fun run
CornellLe Roux GroenewaldBoxted 10k
marklloydBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
JessicaLloydBoxted 2k fun run
GraceLloydBoxted 2k fun run
RyanLockBoxted 10k
AndylonerganBoxted 5k
DouglasLuckingBoxted 10k
LydiaLydia BeardBoxted 10k
MegLyonBoxted 10k
SamanthaMackinBoxted 10k
TarynnMacleodBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
JamesMacRaeBoxted 2k fun run
LouieMacRaeBoxted 2k fun run
EmmaMardellBoxted 10k
PaulineMarshallBoxted 5k
KatieMartinBoxted 10kHalstead RRC
LaurenceMartinBoxted 10k
FloraMartinBoxted 2k fun run
EvaMartinBoxted 2k fun run
HannahMassieBoxted 5k
CarleyMaxinBoxted 10k
NicholasMayesBoxted 10k
EmmaMayesBoxted 10k
EleanorMayneBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
JamesMcCullaghBoxted 2k fun run
DeanMcEwanBoxted 10k
ChrisMcgladeBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
BenMcKeownBoxted 2k fun run
AmeliaMcKeownBoxted 2k fun run
MarkMcKeownBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
VictoriaMcLarenBoxted 10k
AdaMcMahonBoxted 10k
RyanMcNeillBoxted 5kHadleigh Hares AC
KyanMcNeillBoxted 2k fun run
LailaMcNeillBoxted 2k fun run
DanielMeechamBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
AnnaMelvinBoxted 2k fun run
RichardMelvinBoxted 2k fun run
MackenzieMilliganBoxted 2k fun run
CoreyMilnerBoxted 2k fun run
AimeeMilnerBoxted 10k
AylaMilnerBoxted 2k fun run
DebbieMitchellBoxted 10kBraintree & District AC
ChristopherMooneyBoxted 10k
EthanMooneyBoxted 2k fun run
ByronMooneyBoxted 2k fun run
VickyMooreBoxted 10k
IsaacMooreBoxted 5k
OscarMooreBoxted 5k
AnnabelMooreBoxted 5k
PaulMooreBoxted 5k
RyanMooreBoxted 10k
JessicaMuddleBoxted 2k fun run
AmandaMuddleBoxted 2k fun run
MaxMuddleBoxted 5kCharnwood A C
NicholasMuddleBoxted 5k
LucasMullisBoxted 2k fun run
AlexNashBoxted 10k
DylanNashBoxted 2k fun run
TheoNashBoxted 2k fun run
DavidNashBoxted 2k fun run
OscarNavarroBoxted 10k
TeresaNelBoxted 10k
ThomasinNewtonBoxted 10k
paulnicholsonBoxted 10k
BrettNolan-ScottBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
AndyNorthBoxted 10k
IanNorthBoxted 10k
TomNorthBoxted 10k
AMAIYAHOgawaBoxted 5k
KarenOgradyBoxted 10k
DebbieOliverBoxted 5k
GilesOSullivan-WadeBoxted 10k
JohnjamesOttawayBoxted 10k
JosephPadayattyBoxted 10k
BrandonPangBoxted 2k fun run
JasonPangBoxted 2k fun run
LilyPangBoxted 2k fun run
NickPangBoxted 2k fun run
AliceParkerBoxted 10k
SiennaParkerBoxted 2k fun run
SamParkerBoxted 2k fun run
JonathanParrackBoxted 10k
ianparrisBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
ChrisPeckBoxted 10k
DaisyPerezBoxted 10k
JamespettsBoxted 2k fun run
RosaliepettsBoxted 2k fun run
NoahpettsBoxted 2k fun run
LauraPocockBoxted 10k
LouiePocockBoxted 2k fun run
OlliePocockBoxted 2k fun run
SebastianPooranBoxted 2k fun run
LauraPooranBoxted 2k fun run
LauraPooranBoxted 5k
BevPooreBoxted 10k
StevePooreBoxted 10k
StaceyPunchardBoxted 10k
JamesPunchardBoxted 10k
OliverPunchardBoxted 2k fun run
JamesPunchardBoxted 2k fun run
ElsaRankinBoxted 2k fun run
MarcusRankinBoxted 2k fun run
MatthewRay-DobsonBoxted 10k
IanRaymantBoxted 10k
SylvanaRebazaBoxted 2k fun run
ChrisReganBoxted 10k
HannahreidBoxted 2k fun run
jamesreidBoxted 2k fun run
WayneRiBoxted 10k
CarolynRichardsonBoxted 10k
JoshRichardsonBoxted 10k
RuRiddlestonBoxted 5k
NickRidlerBoxted 10k
LauraRileyBoxted 10k
SamRixBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
HarrietRixBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
MaryRobinsonBoxted 2k fun run
JonathanRobinsonBoxted 2k fun run
RobertRolkaBoxted 10kJogging Made Easy
jodieRutlandBoxted 10k
jemimaRutlandBoxted 2k fun run
charlieRutlandBoxted 5k
LeeRyderBoxted 2k fun run
JosephRyderBoxted 2k fun run
LeeRyderBoxted 5k
BenjaminRyderBoxted 5k
RachelSadlerBoxted 10k
GemmaSaltBoxted 10k
NickySantomauroBoxted 10k
SuziSaundersBoxted 10k
GeorginaSeakensBoxted 10k
SAMUELSEAKENSBoxted 2k fun run
JACKSEAKENSBoxted 2k fun run
JonSharpBoxted 10k
AlecSheltonBoxted 2k fun run
EuanSheltonBoxted 2k fun run
SarahSheltonBoxted 2k fun run
ClaireSibleyBoxted 10k
KatieSiggeryBoxted 10k
DebbieSiggeryBoxted 10k
ZenaSimcoxBoxted 2k fun run
HeidiSimcoxBoxted 2k fun run
PeterSimcoxBoxted 2k fun run
EllasimpsonBoxted 2k fun run
SimonSmithBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
NormaSmithBoxted 10kGreat Bentley Running Club
KellySmithBoxted 10k
HeatherSmithBoxted 10k
ShelleySmithBoxted 10k
NigelSmithBoxted 5k
GeorgeSmithBoxted 5k
AnthonySmithBoxted 10kWitham RC
HannahStansfieldBoxted 10k
MalcolmStathamBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
RichardStebbingBoxted 10k
clairesteeleBoxted 10k
HenryStokoeBoxted 5kBraintree & District AC
TanyaStraightBoxted 10kHarwich Runners
RebeccaStraightBoxted 2k fun run
RorySucklingBoxted 10k
MichelleSudburyBoxted 10k
JacquelineSurteesBoxted 5kBoxted Runners
KatesuttonBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
HarrySwinbourneBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
CarolineTalbotBoxted 10kGreat Bentley Running Club
SamanthaTappBoxted 10kHadleigh Hares AC
VictoriaTappBoxted 10kHadleigh Hares AC
ChloeTaylor-BallsBoxted 5k
ColinTesterBoxted 10k
RebeccaThompsonBoxted 2k fun run
BobThompsonBoxted 10k
HarrietTrebbleBoxted 10k
IslaTrotmanBoxted 2k fun run
JohnTurnbullBoxted 10kHadleigh Hares AC
ClaireTurnbullBoxted 10k
DarrenTurnerBoxted 10k
WilliamTusonBoxted 10kHalstead RRC
AnnaliseTyeBoxted 10kWitham RC
BenTylerBoxted 10k
CraigVernonBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
JayneVernonBoxted 10kTiptree Road Runners
DeanVokesBoxted 10k
JohnvossBoxted 10k
HannahWakefieldBoxted 2k fun run
DeanWallaceBoxted 10k
DeanWallaceBoxted 10k
JackWallaceBoxted 2k fun run
JackWallisBoxted 2k fun run
SofiaWallisBoxted 2k fun run
PhilWallisBoxted 10k
RachelWattsBoxted 10k
johnwebbBoxted 10k
ClaireWelfordBoxted 10k
AndrewWellsBoxted 5k
traceywellsBoxted 5k
TerryWelshBoxted 10k
TraceyWelshBoxted 10k
ArthurWhistonBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
BeckiWhittlestoneBoxted 10k
DavidWignallBoxted 10kRunning Colchester
JanWilcoxBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
DanielWilkinsonBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
GarethWilliamsBoxted 10k
KateWillsBoxted 10kBoxted Runners
DexterWillsBoxted 5k
NoahWilsonBoxted 2k fun run
SalvadorWoltonBoxted 2k fun run
NealWolton-HarraganBoxted 10k
philwoodBoxted 10kColchester Harriers AC
KeithWorboyesBoxted 10k
EmmaWrightBoxted 10k
SueWrightBoxted 10kGreat Bentley Running Club
ColinWrightBoxted 2k fun run
OllyYoungsBoxted 10kJogging Made Easy



















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